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The Kid Brother (1987)


Witnessing a young, disabled boy’s personal triumph, something that we don’t experience much in our adult life, is a rewarding experience, as portrayed in this Coming-of-Age film.

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Movie reviews that focus on the psychosocial development of a youth and often involves great conflict and transformation


Introductions, Previews and Reviews of Treble Music with focus on choirs, boy sopranos, young singers and performers.

Short Movies

Reviews of coming of age shorts. (films that have a duration between 1 and 15 minutes )


Coming of age books and audio books review

Billy Elliot the Musical

Profiles of the young actors who play the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical as well as other BETM related articles.

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The Cold Lands (2013)

The Cold LandsSkip this film! Or watch it if you want to see how ten minutes of content can be turned into 140 minutes of excruciatingly boring film. Written and directed by Tom Gilroy, The Cold Lands (2013) is a Coming-of-Age flick with the aim of exploring the tribulations and transformations faced by 11-year-old Atticus (Silas Yelich) as his somewhat sheltered and carefree childhood comes to an abrupt end. Read the full story »

Secret World (1969)

Secret World focuses on the strong feelings and fascination of its 11-year-old protagonist towards a much older woman.

Meet Billy Elliot: US Regional Productions of Billy Elliot The Musical


Profiles of the boys who star as Billy Elliot in regional productions of Billy Elliot The Musical

Introducing : Keanrah

keanrah germany

If you like upbeat vibes, colorful and vibrant video clips and, of course, a singer who genuinely enjoys his time under the spotlight (in front of the camera), you’ll love this young performer from Germany.

Toyland (2007)

A story of Nazi Germany and a young Jewish boy and the difference in mindsets between children and adults in the turbulent times of World War II.

Fundraiser Launched for Jane Hunter’s Adventures “DEADWOOD”

dead wood poster

You can support a young filmmaker and help to make this great story translate to the big screen. Learn how.

The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone (2009)


This is a classic tale of redemption, a film well worth seeing despite its shortcomings.

Bastard (2011)


Bastard’s gripping and controversial storyline results in a memorable film that needs to be seen and experienced. Highly recommended!

Jerrycan (2008)


Jerrycan delivers an intriguing viewing experience by challenging the viewer to perceive the world through the eyes of a kid who is yet to form his character.

The Wooden Gun (1979)

The Wooden Gun Roveh Huliot 1979

Two rival bands of boys wage war for the control of the backyard in this compelling Israeli film set right after WWII. Recommended!

Willy (2006)


Having to choose between friends and a beautiful girl is almost a universal Coming-of-Age experience, wonderfully portrayed in the Swiss film “Willy”.

Sole a catinelle (2013)


Sole a catinelle is a beautiful portrayal of a father-son relationship, which can only be described as inspirational.

A Children’s Story (2004)


A Children’s Story (Italian: Certi bambini) is a tension filled narrative with Coming-of-Age nuances. Recommended!

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