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Billy Elliot the Musical: Korea Unveiled at Press Conference

Billy Elliot the Musical Korea

Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) opens in South Korea on August 14, 2010.  On August 3, 2010 a press conference was held at the LG Arts Center where the show will be presented. The press and others got a glimpse of the show for the first time as various musical numbers of the show were performed by the cast.

뮤지컬 빌리엘리어트가 2010년 8월 14일 개막한다. 2010년 8월 3일 LG 아트센터에서는 프레스콜이 개최되었다. 이 행사는 공연의 여러 넘버들을 처음으로 엿볼 수 있는 기회였다.

Since the first audition in February, 2009 and after four more auditions and Billy School training, four young men who would play the title role of Billy had been previously announced, as had the boys who will perform the role of Billy's best friend, Michael. The Billys are: Se-Yong Kim (13), Ji-Myung Lee (13), Sunu Lim (10), and Jin-Ho Jung (12). The Michaels are: Bum-Joon Kim (13), Sung-Hoon Lee (12), and Min-Ki Ahn (12).

2009년 2월 첫 오디션 이후 네번의 추가 오디션 및 빌리스쿨 트레이닝이 있었고, 2009년 2월 공개 오디션을 시작한 이후 네 번의 오디션과 빌리 스쿨을 통해 주인공 ‘빌리’로 김세용(13), 이지명(13), 임선우(10), 정진호(12) 네 명이 확정됐다. '마이클'역에는 김범준(13),이성훈(12),안민기(12)가 확정되었다.

Now, the rest of the cast has been announced as well and they were introduced to those at the press conference.

기타 성인 캐스트들도 발표되었고 프레스콜에서 모습을 선보였다.

The role of tough but warm-hearted Dad, who participates in a miners' strike in northern England during the 1980s, will be played by Won-hee Cho (Musicals: Monte Cristo, Avita, West Side Story, etc.; Movies: Into the Fire, Taegukgi, etc.; TV shows: Iris, Stairway to Heaven. etc.).

1980년대 영국 북부 탄광촌에서 생계를 위해 파업에 참가하는 무뚝뚝하나 정이 많은 아빠 역에는 뮤지컬 <몬테크리스토> <에비타> <웨스트 사이드 스토리> 등과 영화 ‘포화속으로’, ‘태극기 휘날리며’, 드라마 ‘아이리스’, ‘천국의 계단’ 등에서 탄탄한 연기력을 선보인 조원희가 나선다.

Joo-shil Lee, who survived the late-stage breast cancer which she was diagnosed with in 1993, and who has starred in various plays and musicals since 2002, will play the role of Grandma, who has Alzheimer’s disease but shows the dearest affection to Billy.

치매를 앓고 있지만 누구보다 빌리에게 다정한 빌리 할머니 역에는 1993년 유방암 판정 후 오랜 투병 생활을 이겨내고 2002년 복귀, 연극과 뮤지컬에서 왕성히 활동 중인 이주실이 맡는다.

The role of Mrs.Wilkinson, who recognizes Billy's talent and makes him dream of becoming a ballet dancer, will be played by Young-joo Chung (Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, Fame, The Last Empress, etc.).

또한 빌리의 재능을 알아보며 그에게 발레리노로서의 꿈을 갖게 하는 발레 선생님 윌킨슨 부인 역은 뮤지컬 <오페라의 유령> <맘마미아> <페임> <명성황후> 등의 작품에서 연기 못지 않은 뛰어난 안무 실력을 자랑한 정영주가 선보인다.

Mun-hee Lim, who has been acclaimed by critics for her performance in the musical Don Juan Sweeney Todd Assassin and the play, Come To See Me, will play the role of Billy's “Dead Mum”. Older Billy will be played by ballerino Hyun-ji Shin, who has been a soloist of the national ballet theater.  You can see a list the entire cast here.

연극 <날 보러와요>, 뮤지컬 <돈주앙> <스위니토드> <어쌔신> 등에서 자신 만의 색으로 배역을 소화해 찬사를 받았던 임문희는 빌리의 그리움이자 버팀목이 되어 주고 있는 빌리 엄마로 등장하며, 빌리의 상상 속 발레리노이자 빌리와 환상의 플라잉 장면을 연출할 성인 빌리 역에는 국립발레단의 솔리스트로 활동해 온 발레리노 신현지의 몫이다.  전체 캐스트는 에서 확인할 수 있다.

At the press gathering, various musical numbers from the show were performed by the Korean cast.  Here is some video taken at the press conference:

이번 프레스콜 행사에서 한국 캐스트들은 공연의 여러넘버들을 선보였다. 아래 영상들은 동 행사시 촬영된 영상들이다.


The skills of the cast, the sets and music exhibited at the press conference have further whetted the appetites of those Koreans (and people from other countries) who have long awaited the opening of this musical which has literally taken the world by storm.

프레스콜에서 선보인 캐스트들의 실력, 무대세트와 음악은 전세계를 휩쓴 이 뮤지컬의 한국개막을 고대해왔던 한국인들(및 각국 사람들)의 흥미를 더욱 자극했다.

For more information on the boys who play Billy in Billy Elliot the Musical Korea,you can  see their profiles here.

한국 빌리엘리어트에서 빌리 역을 맡은 아이들에 대한 정보는 상기 링크를 참조하길 바란다.

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  • Peakshead 99 says:

    i was just blown away, watching these clips.. i predicted some time ago that these,very talented young artists, would be wonderful, and i was right,such great skill. every one who see’s this show will love it.. break a leg to the whole cast, god bless you all and keep you safe..

  • Rivenmaster says:

    This is so exciting to see that our Korean friends will also now play a part in the ever growing collection of countries that Billy Elliot has been performed in. I find it simply amazing that no matter what the language this story seems to unfold and be enjoyed and related to regardless of background or nationality. The boys are amazing and wonderful with their parts. While I have yet to see this production in person myself, I so much enjoy reading every article that you have displayed here. Congratulations on yet another masterpiece!

    Thanks sctwins for sharing and thanks Skykid for publishing!

  • skykid says:

    From what I read, the producers of the show in Korea have managed to get together quite an intriguing cast of actors who could really get into their roles. A wonderful performance by Ji-Myung Lee –although it feels a bit different when you hear the parts in another language. It seems that I already have a favorite Billy, Sunu Lim, as his performance was simply amazing.

  • Jonas says:

    I do not know a lot about South Korea or anything. But really appreciate their adaption of Billy Elliot, the Musical. Will never know what they are saying exactly, but is sounds good and from hearing the songs you know what it is about. It is amazing to see the videos of the singing and performing by the SK cast. And furthermore this is just one great article. Well done to you!

  • grctshowtime Richard says:

    As in the past, has provided us with in-depth articles covering BETM and other artistic works featuring young people. Thank you for sharing.
    It is unfortunate that the people of North Korea will not have the opportunity to experience Billy Elliot, as well as other artistic works. Perhaps the day will come when this will not be the case.

  • Porschesrule says:

    It was so good finally seeing the Korean cast in action after all these months of anticipation. The show — performers, sets, music– looks really good! The Billy Elliot the Musical tradition looks to be in good hands in this first production in a non English speaking country. It was great you were able to be there in person, sctwins, to witness all this and thanks for capturing it and sharing it with the skykid's readers. Great job!