Movie reviews that focus on the psychosocial development of a youth and often involves great conflict and transformation


Introductions, Previews and Reviews of Treble Music with focus on choirs, boy sopranos, young singers and performers.

Short Movies

Reviews of coming of age shorts. (films that have a duration between 1 and 15 minutes )


Coming of age books and audio books review

Billy Elliot the Musical

Profiles of the young actors who play the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical as well as other BETM related articles.

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C’est pas moi, je le jure!/It’s Not Me, I Swear!

“It’s bad to lie, but it’s worse to lie badly.”
C’est pas moi, je le jure! is a charming coming of age film coming from Canada which will bring a lot of smiles and memories to …

Interview with film director Frank Vitale

Two weeks ago I reviewed an interesting Canadian film called “ Montreal Main” . Since the time I published the review more than 400 people have read it – which prompted me to attempt contacting …

James-a coming of age film by Connor Clements

james short film

James is a short narrative drama written and directed by Connor Clements.( an exclusive interview with him is included )

“Muchacho Del Flamenco” – a feature coming of age film

“Muchacho Del Flamenco” – a feature coming of age film based on a script of the acclaimed American screenwriter and producer Stephen Ryder.

An interview with screenwriter Stephen Ryder

What inspired you do write the story behind ” The last days of April ” ? How did you cast TJ Plunkett ? Stephen Ryder talks about his new upcoming film The last days of April

The winners of the 2009 COA Blogs Movie Awards

5th annual coming of age movie awards

The winners of the 2009 Coming of Age blogs movie awards are ready to be announced. I must admit that I hoped that most people would participate in the nominating and voting process – which …


Sueños coming of age short film review

Sueños is a Spanish short film released directed by Daniel Guzmán. It was filmed in Madrid and released in 2003 and a year later won Goya award for best short film.

Montreal Main

I found out about ” Montreal main ” in one of the “Coming of age books ” I have. I was intrigued by its summary and the screen shot of it that was published in …

Apology to Josh Fleischman

Continuing the series of short films reviews at – the 6th title in it is an American film directed by Danny Goldfield called “Apology to Josh Fleischman”. The film is 8 minutes and during …

The Little Traitor (2007)

“The Little Traitor” is a coming of age film from Israel that is based on the novel “Panther in the Basement” by Amos Oz.


Baklava - the film

Preview of the Bulgarian Coming-of-Age film Balkava .The film was produced in Bulgaria and among other thing shows the reality there

Oscar Pinta

Continuing the review of short movies I selected an Australian one as the 5th to be featured at The name of the film is Oscar Pinta and it was directed by Joanna Quintanilla – …

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