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Innocent voices (2004)


Being a powerful drama based on real events – Innocent voices made a direct entry in my all times favorite movie list.



Entrusted is a great movie made for TV which plot revolves over the eleven years old Thomas von Gall ( played by talented young actor Thomas Sangster ) . Chess master at that tender age …

The return


The Return ( original name Vozvrashcheniye) is a powerful Russian psycho drama. Its one these movies for which you do not think much while watching – but rather after seeing them. The excellent cinematography …

Private Lessons


Private lessons is a nice and funny film which would be enjoyed by anyone who remembers his first crushes and emotions. Almost too provocative – for an American comedy that is – it seems to …

Jet Boy


Independent and rare Canadian movie – Jet Boy is not easy to find. It is a well made drama that deals with serious subjects. The main character is Nathan – a 14 years old boy who is also a hustler. His role is played by Brandon Nadon – who makes a remarkable debut with this movie.

Finding Neverland

Finding neverland

Before even starting my review I think that it would be fair to let you know that I not only a fan of the movie and book about Peter Pan , but believe to have …

Wild Tigers I Have Known


Talking about weird movie – you would hardly be able to find one weirdest then Wild Tigers I have Known. I just finish watching it and honestly can say that I had a bit of …

Mickybo and Me

Mickybo and Me

There is lot of humor in the movie and because of that Mickybo and Me is very enjoyable to watch.

Acla’s Descent into Floristella

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I have heard a lot about this movie – some people said that is was too harsh, others said it was controversial and then there were even some people who said that because of the …

La Revolte des enfants

La Revolte des enfants

Every person has right to be treated as human being – no matter how old or young he is.
La Revolte des enfants is movie about the despair attempt of a group of French boys in …

Iluzija (2004 ) Coming of age film review



“Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man.”

This is the first and only movie made in the Republic of Macedonia that I have seen. I am still under its influence …

Temporada de patos /Duck Season


I saw this movie last night. It was one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen – weird in a good way. The story line is simple – two 14 years Flama and Moko …