Little Manhattan (2005)

A magical time in a child's life -- first love. Little Manhattan captures that special time so well. A fantastic film that unfortunately deserved a lot more attention than it got upon its release.

Book Review: What Cathy Saw and other stories

A highly original, well-written collection of four whimsical, yet often intense, short stories.

TheSkyKid.Com – 2016 – A Year in Review

2016 was an interesting year – our 11th year online -- during which we have published 226 articles by eight different authors. Yes, eight! In...

Merry Christmas

We are happy to be able to wish you Merry Christmas for the 11th year since the site launched back in 2005. May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Wish your Christmas be filled with peace and love. Merry Christmas.

Low Tide (2012)

The story of a real family, Low Tide movie gives us an opportunity to participate in the life of a boy and his mother -- not in a voyeuristic way, but as a companion.

Tom Brown’s Schooldays (2005)

From the novel of the same name, Tom Brown's Schooldays is a remarkably powerful story set in Victorian England.

Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Hidden
A Coming-of-Age novel by Margaret Peterson with a story set in a dystopian future.

Hard Goodbyes: My Father (2002)

Impressing with its ability to portray the inner world of its young protagonist, Hard Goodbyes: My Father delivers a poignant cinematic experience.

My Best Enemy (2010)

My Best Enemy is a stirring portrayal of bullying, victimization, and revenge as seen through the eyes of the film's young protagonist.

Play (2011)

Play is a portrayal of  the rite of passage experiences of three young Swedish boys who become victims of intimidation and psychological bullying. A provocative film, which may leave the viewer with more questions than answers.

Baby Bump (2015)

A provocative, even vulgar at times, portrayal of growing up from a child's perspective.