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The Prodigy Film Camp: A Scholarship for Young Talent

The SkyKid.com is glad to once again fulfill our commitment of supporting aspiring young filmmakers by announcing a scholarship for the 2012 Film School Prodigy Film Camp.

Fourth Annual Coming-of-Age Movie Awards

As we begin 2012, we look back over the past year and at the movies that were released in 2011. TheSkyKid.com is happy to again host the Coming of Age Movie Awards -- for our fourth consecutive year.

3rd Annual Coming of Age Movie Awards Recipients Named

TheSkyKid.Com is pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual Coming of Age Movie Awards, which honor actors and movies in the coming of age genre.

3rd Annual Coming Of Age Movie Awards

TheSkyKid.com announces voting for the 3rd Annual Coming of Age Movie Awards. Vote for your favorite actors and movies in this popular annual event.

A Scholarship for TheFilmSchool Prodigy Camp for Talented Teens

Are you between the ages of 12-18 and have talent in the areas of storytelling or filmmaking? Would you like the opportunity to hone those skills under the guidance of Oscar and/or Emmy winning tutors? TheFilmSchool Prodigy Camp offers that opportunity. Learn how you may participate.

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Timmy Slays the Talent Show is a perfect flick for the Tumblr/YouTube generation.

Jackrabbit (2013)

The tale of one boy's struggle to protect himself and his mother and sister from the fists of his abusive father.

Aloud (2016)

A feel-good film with strong Coming-of-Age motifs and an emotive finale, Aloud delivers an excellent cinematic experience and is well worth your time.

Snow in August (2001)

A young boy befriends a Jewish rabbi after witnessing a Jewish merchant being beaten up by racist thugs, leaving the boy and his mother fearful for their lives.

Mid90s (2018)

Mid90s is one of the most refreshing Coming-of-Age dramas released in 2018.