Kauwboy 2012

Kauwboy (2012)

This Dutch Coming-of-Age film is the unpretentious, yet moving, story of a 10-year-old boy endeavoring to accept, and deal with, the realities of his life.
Planta 4a movie review

Planta 4a (2003)

Planta 4a is an inspirational, “feel good” movie which tackles a difficult theme in a manner that no other film has accomplished. Highly recommended!

Incompreso (1966)

Incompreso (1966)

A widowed father, saddened by the loss of his beloved wife, tries to deal with his grief while taking care of his job and two young sons. Directed by Luigi Comencini, Incompreso's story of acceptance and understanding allows the audience a glimpse into the soul of a child.
Elvis! Elvis! (1976)

Elvis! Elvis! (1976)

"Elvis! Elvis!" is done in almost a documentary fashion and shows us the world as seen and experienced by six-year-old Elvis Karlsson (Lele Dorazio). It will be especially appreciated by an audience that has already passed through the coming of age process and is able to recognize its trials and tribulations in the cinematic portrayal of the daily life of a young Swedish boy.
Il Miracolo

Il Miracolo (2003)

Il Miracolo is a film in the coming of age genre featuring good acting, even better cinematography and musical score, but a slowly developing storyline and an overall weak narrative.
Home 2008

Home (2008)

Home is a unique movie experience! That's right - an unusual story, a bit of surrealism, wonderful acting and first class cinematography .
Jaime (1999)

Jaime (1999)

A masterpiece of the Portuguese cinema, Jaime is a must see film for every fan of the coming of age genre. The story portrays the everyday life of a boy whose tough childhood is forcing him to enter into the exploitative world of underage employment, which little by little takes away his innocence.
Wer küsst schon einen Leguan?

Second Hand Child (2003)

The German film Second Hand Child (Wer küsst schon einen Leguan?) is powerful and touching and is guaranteed to evoke a whole range of emotions from its viewers (and may even induce a few tears in their eyes). The film has received acknowledgements from various festivals in Germany and abroad, winning the European Children's Film Prize and the Audience Award in 2003 and the "Best Children's Film" at the Children's Film Festival "Golden Sparrow".

Gutta Boys

Review of the Norwegian TV- Series Gutta Boys ( also known as Boys Will Be Boys and Poikien jutut ). A highly recommended coming of age drama.

Le Petit Nicolas

Le Petit Nicolas (2009)

Le Petit Nicolas (2009) - review of the new French film Le Petit Nicola based on the stories written by written by René Goscinny, the creator of Asterix.

Den sidste viking

Review of the Danish adventure " Den sidste viking " . A serious and dark coming of age film about the boys journey towards himself.


Toto the hero (1991)

Unique cinematography and great acting - combined witch a well developed plot .

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