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Yatharth Ratnum on The Mystery Artist Show

In June of 2012, TheSkyKid.com radio aired an exclusive interview (conducted by Jeffrey) with Yatharth Ratnum. Here's a transcription of that original interview.

Jaron Natoli – Better Off On My Own

Jaron Natoli is a name you want to keep in mind. I LIKED his first album, but I LOVED the second one. Better Off On My Own is an album I do not hesitate to recommend.

Dalton Cyr on The Mystery Artist Show

This interview is with an accomplished actor, singer and songwriter who is just 11-years-old. From Jacksonville, Florida, meet Dalton Cyr.

Allan Clelland-Goddard on The Mystery Artist Show

Allan Clelland-Goddard, who is 14 and a multi-talented young musician/singer, is well on his way to a career in music and entertainment. An exclusive interview.

Razvan Dobai on The Mystery Artist Show

At the end of April 2012, TheSkyKid.com radio aired an exclusive interview (conducted by Jeffrey) with Razvan Dobai, a talented young singer from Romania. Here's the transcript of that interview.

Casper Feddema on The Mystery Artist Show

Sixteen-year-old Casper Feddema from the Netherlands is well on his way to becoming an international singing sensation. On 1-April-2011, TheSkyKid.com radio aired an exclusive interview with Casper.

Brothers3 on The Mystery Artist Show

The Brothers3 are, as the name implies, three brothers who are songwriters, singers and actors from Australia. The original audio version of this interview was aired on The Mystery Artist Show on theskykid.com radio earlier this month.

Christopher McGinnis on The Mystery Artist Show

Today, Christopher McGinnis is a 14-year-old, multi-talented entertainer. He is a singer, song-writer and actor who's father began working with him when he was just five-years-old. Here's an interview with Christopher, first aired on TheSkyKid.com's "Mystery Artist Show".

Tom Andrews – An Exclusive Interview

The world is impatiently awaiting the debut album of 18-year-old Tom Andrews - an exclusive interview with the young singer for TheSkyKid.com

Introducing Johnny Hammer: An Interview

Introducing 14-year-old Johnny Hammer a young Christian Techno singer whose music features an upbeat, modern sound. Meet this impressive young man in this exclusive interview.

Norway’s New Young Artist: Alexandru

Norway's Alexandru comes complete with the whole package. While only eleven-years-old, he enters the pop market with great looks, a wonderful personality, and more than amazing vocal skills. An exclusive interview....

Up Close with Ajsil: theSkykid.com Interview

Introducing Ajsil, a rising young singing sensation from Florida. In this far ranging interview, our Florida correspondent, Fernanda Mendieta, asks AjSil about his music and a lot of other things.

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