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In the Morning at Seven the World Is Still in Order...

In the Morning at Seven the World Is Still in Order focuses on the everyday life of a German family perceived through the eyes of its youngest member -- six-year-old Gaylord.

Not All Were Murderers (2006)

A young Jewish boy and his mother struggle to survive in Nazi Germany.


Tomorrow Will Be Better

Tomorrow Will Be Better (2011)

The visual aesthetics of the scenes in Tomorrow Will Be Better, its skillful lighting, wizardly crafted close ups and well chosen filming locations were the ingredients used by Director Dorota Kedzierzawska when creating this work of art.
Dylan Hyde photo

Dylan Hyde on The Mystery Artist Show

Earlier this month (August, 2012), TheSkyKid.com radio's Mystery Artist Show aired an exclusive interview with 16-year-old pop singer and actor Dylan Hyde. Here's a transcription of that interview.

Alessandro Doria

Gli Ultimi angeli (1979)

Marco is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with his dad in a remote country house. His quiet life is thrown into total upheaval when a scheme to gain more attention and affection from his divorced parents backfires, sending him and a new friend on an adventure of a lifetime.

WRC Rally Cup

Kid (2012)

Kid focuses on the life of two young brothers and the way they reflect (and are reflected upon by) their immediate surroundings and their manner of dealing with new, traumatic experiences. 


14+ (2015)

An accurate portrayal of what it is like to be a teenager nowadays, presented in a thoughtful and honest manner.

Introducing Max & Mango

The music of Max & Mango, a talented French duo, is energetic and vibrant, filled with positive vibes that appeal to audiences of all ages.






Exclusive interview: Sergey Kuznechov

An exclusive interview with the Russian composer, poet and songwriter Sergey Kuznechov. Learn more about the producer of such popular Russian performers as Tender May, Steklovata, Mama, Angel and Cat, Chernila dlya pyatogo klassa...etc

Le Monde des Choristes

Review of Le Monde des Choristes: a DVD released in 2004 which features three films of Philippe Reypens: L'Or des Anges, Un peu de fièvre and Rejoice.

Ivan Noel – An Interview

An insightful and far ranging interview with a prominent filmmaker for the fans of the Coming-of-Age genre.

The Greenhouse effect

I knew about the Greenhouse effect for a while.  It has been recommended for me several times .  I thought that the film`s will...

Little Buddha

a story about a boy's journey of discovery, a lama's search for his beloved teacher, and the legend of Prince Siddhartha and his path to enlightenment.


Patrick – a new short film by Luke Snellin

Once you make an award winning short film - are you going to keep on and make another one ? The answer to this question is...

The World Through Kids’ Eyes

The World Through Kids' Eyes
The World trough kids’ eyes can be seen as a valuable sociological and history lesson which allows us to have a glimpse of worlds, realities, experiences, quite untypical to what most people are used to be seeing in their mundane lives.