Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a touching Coming-of-Age adventure/comedy that follows the development of a friendship between a grumpy old man and a naive ten-year-old boy.

Sing Street (2016)

A film with a central theme of one’s journey of Self-Discovery

Holy Matrimony (1994)

Holy Matrimony is a comedy about the robbing of a country fair and all that happens as a result of it.

Theis and Nico (1999)

Theis and Nico is a funny and heartwarming film that be equally enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

Troye Sivan – The One and Only

Troye Sivan is a South African-born, Australian singer, songwriter and actor who has become one of the world's most recognized musicians.

How Green Was My Valley (1941)

A timeless portrayal of a bygone, simpler time, How Green was My Valley is a story filled with wisdom, insights and a tint of bitter sweet nostalgia.

TheSkyKid.Com – 2016 – A Year in Review

2016 was an interesting year – our 11th year online -- during which we have published 226 articles by eight different authors. Yes, eight! In...

Merry Christmas

We are happy to be able to wish you Merry Christmas for the 11th year since the site launched back in 2005. May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Wish your Christmas be filled with peace and love. Merry Christmas.

Captain Fantastic (2016)

A Coming-of-Age experience for almost all the characters in this film, from the oldest to the youngest. Highly recommended for the free spirits out there.

Roller Coaster (2008)

Roller Coaster features an abundance of dramatic and visual surprises, making its 30 minute length fly by.