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Gamechanger (2016)

An impactful short film well worthy of anyone’s time, a thirty-year-old man encounters (and feels compelled to join) two young boys playing war with their self-made toy guns.
Elmer (Harald Kaiser Hermann) and his older brother Erik (Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt)

The Day Will Come (2016)

The Day Will Come is a serious, well–shot film that won't entertain you, but will deliver an emotional cinematic experience you are unlikely to easily forget.

Wiplala (2014)

Wiplala is an excellent family-friendly film which everyone will enjoy!

Life According to Nino (2014)

Family harmony and happiness are dealt a catastrophic blow. How the family deals with it is the theme of "Life According to Nino".

Finn (2013)

Finn is an unpretentious, yet moving story of a nine-year-old motherless boy.

Secrets of War (2014)

A new Dutch film that tackles the changes that an armed conflict brings to human nature and especially showing its impact on youth.

Kruimeltje (1999)

Kruimeltje is a perfect choice for family Holiday viewing. Not only is it entertaining and heartwarming, but it's guaranteed to inspire moral values in its younger and older viewers alike.

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