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The Value of Coming-of-Age Movies

Coming-of-Age films fall into a genre of films with plots revolving around a young person's transition into adulthood. Explore their values in this article.
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Coming-of-Age Movies Featuring Girls

It seems that Coming-of-Age movies about girls are not all that popular. But there are some great themes to look at in many of these movies.
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The Role of Nostalgia in Coming-of-Age Movies

Coming-of-Age movies can exist in virtually any time period, because there are certain truths to growing up that almost everybody remembers. Anybody watching such a movie may be profoundly struck by how similar it was to their own experience growing up.

The Psychology of the Coming of Age Movie

Almost all world cultures throughout history have had some type of coming of age rite of passage. In the Western world today, rites of passage aren't so clearly defined. The Coming of Age genre in movies of today has evolved over the years; a look at that evolution...

The Benefits of Watching Coming of Age Films with Children

There’s a lot to be said for watching Coming of Age movies with your kids, using this medium when other attempts for getting through to the child don’t seem to work. And there could be a benefit or two for the parent as well.

Coming of age films – definition

What is behind the Coming of age movies genre ? SkyKid attempts to answer this question with the help of various other authors and friends at theskykid.com
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Coming of age films – boy`s or girl`s thing

Yesterday I was given a link to an article in Newser titled " Gals Need Great Coming-of-Age Flick, Too" .   It dealt with the...