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Christopher McGinnis

Christopher McGinnis on The Mystery Artist Show

Today, Christopher McGinnis is a 14-year-old, multi-talented entertainer. He is a singer, song-writer and actor who's father began working with him when he was just five-years-old. Here's an interview with Christopher, first aired on TheSkyKid.com's "Mystery Artist Show".

First Love in Coming-of-Age Movies

First Love in Coming-of-Age Movies

No matter how old you are or what part of town you lived in growing up, over the years the same conflicts and challenges surrounding the first loves of teenagers and young adults have been essentially been the same from generation to generation. Regardless which first love Coming-of-Age movie you choose to watch, you will be able to find a connection to your past.

Julia Belanoff: Timeless Music with a Modern Twist

With the voice of an angel and the soul of an artist, 16-year-old Julia Belanoff is a rising soprano whose music is peaceful and uplifting; the kind, she says, that teenagers, parents and grandparents can enjoy, together.

Ulrik Munther: A Debut Album

Seventeen year old Ulrick Munther is already on a jetstream to fame, with a just competed tour of his homeland of Sweden, photo shoots in Paris, and contract talks in London, LA, New York and other places! Fan sites are piling up and, recently, his new debut album went “top of the charts”! Here’s a review of that premiere album…
hugo 2011 poster

Film preview: Hugo (2011)

"Hugo" is Martin Scorsese's new movie based on the best selling book by author Brian Selznick "The Invention of Hugo Cabret". It will be released on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. Learn more in this preview of the film.
Anthony Giunta

The Prize Guys: An Interview

Anthony Giunta is a filmmaker who understands the issue of teen bullying and has decided to make a movie in the coming of age genre with teen bullying as its underlying theme. Tommy Batchelor, best known for playing the title character of Billy Elliot in the musical of the same name on Broadway and in Chicago, has been chosen as the young star of the film. It will be called The Prize Guys, to be released in 2013. Theskykid.com is pleased to present this exclusive interview with the filmmaker and his star.
The Abduction of Zack Butterfield

The Abduction of Zack Butterfield (2011)

In the past, the TheSkyKid.com has done several articles related to a movie called The Last Days of April. Included were interviews with Producer/Screenwriter Stephen Ryder (July 2009) and Director Rick Lancaster (September 2010) and a pre-release review of the movie itself in May of 2010. The movie has yet to be released and has recently had a name change. Today, TheSkyKid.com conducted a phone interview with Stephen Ryder to get an update on what's been happening with the film.
the hall brothers

Meet the Hall Brothers

Justin, Spencer and Tyler are a trio of brothers who are multi-talented and who appear together and individually in a whole variety of entertainment formats. Together, they call themselves the Hall Brothers. This article profiles each of these talented brothers.
Rick Lancaster

Exclusive Interview: Rick Lancaster

An exclusive interview with Rick Lancaster (The Last Days of April, Ahmed, Muchacho Del Flamenco). Find out more about him and his movies at www.theskykid.com
Anthony Gargiula: Amazingly Gifted Singing Super Star

Anthony Gargiula: Amazingly Gifted Singing Super Star

Anthony Gargiula, better known as Anthony G from New York, is most likely best known for his many singing engagements at major sporting events opening with the US National Anthem. Some of his appearances include The Ellen Show, Carnegie Hall, The Today Show, not to mention the Belmont Horse Race in 2008. Anthony is both a naturally talented singer and an amazing personality. See exclusive interview with Anthony G here.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

From the early 1990's, twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse have been entertaining television and movie viewers. This article profiles their careers and talks about what's next for the talented duo.

Kirill Ermakov

Yesterday I discovered a young singer from Belarus - Kirill Ermakov . I haven't stopped listening to his songs since. Energy just pops out of Kirill's songs.